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Some of our homes are older and have older wiring. In the times before all the technology and appliances we have homes were wired to fit the times current needs.

As time has gone on we have added more and more strain on the electrical system of our homes with these new devices. To take some of the strain off of the electrical system sometimes it is helpful to add a new circuit to an area where there is over use.

Another reason for adding a new circuit could be the addition of a new appliance or piece of equipment.


If you are installing a new TV or phone in your home we can help. We can also hang your new flat screen on the wall for you and make sure all the wiring is hidden in the walls and behind your tv. 


Outlet or light not working? Have a switch that doesn't seem to work anything? Have a breaker that keeps tripping? That's what we do! We can assess any of these problems you may be having with your electrical system and come up with a solution to remedy the problem. 


Lights or fans are in every room in our houses. They come in many different styles, shapes and sizes are are for different uses. Task lighting is lighting provided for specific areas for a specific need. General lighting is provided to fill a space with light so we can use that space. Decorative lighting is light used to show off certain features inside or outside our homes. There are many different types of fans from ceiling fans to bath vent fans which also have a wide variety of uses and styles. Whether it's changing an old fan or light to a new one or adding one in a space where there wasn't an existing one. We can help you choose the correct light or fan to fit your homes specific needs. 


If your house is 10 years of older, the chances are that your service and or panel box are out dated or under powered.

If your lights blink when you are doing your laundry the chances are that yu many need an ungrade. An upgrade may also be helpful if you plan on doing an addition to your house or renovate your kitchen. All of our service and panel upgrades come with a 5 year warranty on materials and workmanship.


No matter what time, day or night we are there to take care of any electrical emergence situations. The first thing you should do is to get clear of the area.

If the electrical system has caused a fire then call 911 immediately and do not touch nay electrical components. If there hasn't been a fire you should still remain clear of the area until a QUALIFIED electrician had certified that the electrical system is safe


If you are planning an addition or building a new home it is helpful to have an electrician that can be there every step of the way to insure that all of your needs are met.

We can ensure that your electrical construction experience is well planned and well executed.

We work with General Contractors and Home Owners through every step of the project and set up a detailed plan to complete the electrical project in a neat and timely manner. Building your dream home should an experience you'll always remember. 

We guarantee all of the work we perform and strive to offer a higher level of service than our competitors while using only TOP QUALITY materials.